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Trans+ Pride March

Hyde Park Corner, 26th June 2021

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Several thousand marched through London in the third annual Trans+ Pride, calling for government investment in trans healthcare, accessible bathroom provisions and prison facilities, and to ban forced surgeries for intersex children and other pseudoscientific conversion therapies. They say transphobia is being promoted by the media and transgender people have come under an increasing wave of anti-trans activity in recent months. .

#TransLiberation, Trans Pride, Trans+ Pride, London, UK, protest, march, transgender, trans safety, healthcare, wellbeing, accessible bathrooms, prison facilities, forced surgery, conversion therapies, trans people, trans women, trans sex workers, trans kids, trans life, anti-trans activism, Gender Recognition Act, GRA, GRA review, transphobia, love, togetherness, LGBTQ+ advisory panel, Peter Tatchell,

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Protest against Tory Failures demands 'New Normal'

London, 26th June 2021

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Over five thousand joined the People's Assembly march through London against the failures of the Tory government during the pandemic, acting too late, handing out contracts to cronies and failing to reward key workers for their sacrifices.

They demanded a 'new normal', re-nationalising key services, reversing the privatisation of the NHS. There must be decent housing for all, corrupt politicians should be sacked and urgent action taken now to tackle the climate emergency. Marchers supported international justice over Palestine and other issues, safe workplaces with an end to fire and rehire, an end to institutional racism, fully funded social care and the dropping of the Police, Crime, Sentencing And Courts Bill.

#UnitedAgainstTheTories, #NotFitToGovern, #DemandANewNormal, People's Assembly, Kill the Bill, decent housing, corrupt politicians, save the NHS, end privatisation, safe workplaces, fire and rehire, zero hours, climate action, international justice, social care, institutional racism, PCSC bill, human rights, civil rights, end racism, political corruption, protest, march, London,government failures,

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Spelthorne etc Images

June 2021
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