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End Mass Deportation Charter Flights to Nigeria

Nigerian High Commission London. Wed 11 Jan 2017

Protesters with banner and posters chant slogans outside the High Commission

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Movement for Justice protest outside the Nigerian High Commission, demanding the Nigerian gov\ernment stop allowing the mass deportation charter flights from the UK which are organised every two months by the Home Office.

MfJ liken these to the slave ships and many of those forcibly deported are people who have been in the UK for most of their lives, with parents partners and children here, as well as students who have not yet finished their courses, those still appealing for asylum, people with serious health problems and carers for elderly and disabled relatives. The flights are part of a racist government 'numbers game' which refuses to take account of the situation, history and relations of the people who are being deported or of the contribution many of them are making to UK society and the UK economy.
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15 Years of Guantanamo - No Joke!

Trafalgar Square, London. Wed 11 Jan 2017

'Trump rejects intelligence' and protesters against Guantanmo dressed as clowns

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On the 15th anniversary of the setting up of the illegal prison camp at Guantanamo, campaigners from the London Guantanamo campaign dressed as clowns to protest against President Obama's failure to keep his promise and close the camp.

Around 60 prisoners remain in Guantanamo, still suffering the indignities and torture which have shamed the USA in the eyes of the world. Most of those still held and virtually all of those already released were innocent bystanders sold to the US forces by bandits in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and were tortured in the CIA’s secret dark prisons around the world before being illegally rendered to Guantanamo.

The protest in Trafalgar Square was supported by the Guantanamo Justice Campaign who included a man in a Trump mask.
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Alarm Bells for the Housing Crisis

Old Palace Yard, Westminster,London. Mon 9 Jan 2017

The Rev Paul Nicolson stands holding a bell next to protesters with banners

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Taxpayers Against Poverty, Unite Community, DPAC, Defend Council Housing and other campaigners protest outside Parliament as MPs returned after the Christmas break, bringing a bell to ring as an alarm for the housing crisis.

Working people as well as those on benefits are struggling to pay rents in a chaotic housing market with unfair caps on housing allowances, benefits and the bedroom tax. 3.5 million adults are homeless, 73,000 household in temporary accommodation, evictions are rising dramatically and the housing needs of the disabled are often ignored.

Speakers demand rent controls, an end to demolition of council estates and selling of land to private developers and call for a land tax.
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Harrods stop stealing waiters' tips

Harrods, Knightsbridge, London.Sat 7 Jan 2017

Class War came to Harrods to support the UVW union
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Grass roots trade union United Voices of the World which represents chefs and waiters working at Harrods protested outside together with Class War calling for 100% of the service charges to go to staff rather than the vast profits of the owners, the Qatari royal family.

They also want conditions and wages to be improved for waiters who are currently paid at or a few pence per hour above the legal minimum, overworked and poorly managed. The robust but peaceful protest took place outside a Harrods guarded by large numbers of police, with protesters being threatened with charges of aggravated trespass if they entered the store.

There were two arrests during the protest for trivial offences but I heard later that after the protest had finished and I had left, as people were packing away, police came and made 4 more  arrests including of UVW General Secretary Petros Elia. People were kept in cells at Belgravia police station for up to 18 hours (some had apparently been dragged inside Harrods by employees of Harrods and kept at first in cells  inside Harrods - and if so should have a good case to sue for assault and wrongful arrest.)

All were released without charge (one apparently accepted a caution for letting off a flare) but on police bail - with the condition that they were not to go within 50m of Harrods. It appears to be a deliberate abuse of the law to try to stop further protests at Harrods - however legitimate these may be. Harrods and their owners, the Qatari royal family have many friends in high places including the Foreigh Office and presumably these were able to put pressure on the police to take action against the protesters.

But the protesters have received tremendous support from the public and even from some of the right-wing press (perhaps because Harrods is owned by foreigners) and the union and its supporters are unlikely to be deterred. While those with bail conditions may keep to them, others will be prepared to carry on the protest. The police action is likely to make the protests larger and more vocal rather than diminish them.
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Save the Sunderbans Global Protest

Altab Ali Park, London. Sat 7 Jan 2017
Many of the protesters had black 'tiger stripes' on their faces - the Sundarbans are the home of the Bengal tiger
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The UK branch of the National Committee to Protect Oil Gas & Mineral Resources, Bangladesh hold a rally in east London as part of the global day of protest to save the Sunderbans, the world's largest mangrove forest.

The Sunderbans, a UNESCO World Heritage site threatened by the planned Rampal coal-fired power plant and other commercial developments are the home of many species including the Bengal Tiger, and many at the protest had 'tiger stripes' on their cheeks.

The proposed development on the edge of the forest and inside the area which is supposed to be protected from development is a joint project between agencies of the Bangladesh and Indian governments.

It would endanger the livelihoods of over 3.5 million people and make around 50 million more vulnerable to storms and cyclones, against which the Sunderbans serve as a natural safeguard. There have been huge protests against the proposed coal-fired power plant in Bangladesh in which a number of protesters have been killed.
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