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August 2018

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Gunnersbury Park & Brentford

Gunnersbury, London. Fri 24 Aug 2018


 Lionel Road in Brentford is a building site, closed to traffic, but pedestrians can still walk through




 One of the roads which fetures in Ballards's novels - the elevated section of the M4 above the Great West Rd


 This little castle was once the gate tot Gunnerbury Park. Now there is a simple gate in the fence around the corner


 The Potomac Lake - a former clay pit
 A gothic folly converted from a tile kiln

The temple is the only 18th century building remaining in situ

 At the side of the of the garden front is an archway and steps

 the park was developed by Princess Amelia when she lived here in the 18th century


 The garden front


 and the 'Small Mansion' nextdoor

 It is a building at risk





 but still at least partly in use


 The larger house is now Gunnersbury House Musuem

 Events are sometimes held in this long series of rooms facing the garden


 with ornate fireplaces

 and a painted ceiling


 A large range of kitches was used for preparing the grand banquets used here


 And the two French chefs shared this office

 The main stairs

 and the landing, with large prints made from the Autochroms taken around the grounds by Leopold de Rothschild

 They show the place as it was over a hundred years ago - with flamingos





the garden slopes away from the house

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