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August 2018

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Gunnersbury Park & Brentford

Gunnersbury, London. Fri 24 Aug 2018

 The 19th century Orangery




 The house across the Horshoe Lake

 Built as a ruin. Through the gate is a vegetable garden

 Princess Amelia's Bath House -

 The at-risk 'Small Mansion'



 Most or all of what we can see is from the 19th century, though there are older parts below ground







 Another set of buildings hidden from the houses included stables




 On the way back to Kew Bridge the road passes the International School of London


 The cemetery was orginally part ofthe Gunnersbury Park

 Traffic comes around the Chiswick roundabout
 Chiswick High Rd


 and a cafe I photographed many years ago in colour


 next to Kew Bridge, this was for a year or so the site of the Kew eco-village

 The Thames and Brentford Ait


 Flats overlooking the river

 Mooring on The Hollows



 Brentford High St


The waterworks are a museum, with huge beam engines, sometimes in steam

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