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December 2017

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Stand Up to Lambeth protest and vigil

Lambeth Town Hall, London. Sat 9 Dec 2017

 Karen Bennett from Central Hill has Matthew Bennett and Liz Peck posters - Lambeth Council in league with Savills to destroy council estates


 Sid Skill with two posters about Lambeth Council leader Liz Peck 'Head of the Wrecking Crew' who is accused of lying

 about the council's activities and motives. Campaigners say the council is simply out to realise the asset value

 of council estates and has no thought, no care for what happens to communities and people. Council homes

 are being destroyed, replaced by properties for sale at high market prices or let at much higher rents than

 council tenants now pay - but with much less secuirty of tenure, whether from private landlords or housing associations

 Even the very small number of council tenancies will be on inferior tenancies and at higher rents

As Class War's banner says, Labour Councils are the biggest social cleansers in London - with well over a hundred

 estates either already demolished or under threat - named on the list being shown to Jeremy Corbyn

 Karen Bennett's poster shows the Lambeth councillors getting into bed with Savills to profit from demolishing estates

 Ann Plant (1967-2016) led the fight to save Cressingham Gardens until her early death from cancer a year ago

Artist Andrew Cooper puts up one of his many banners


 A spoof Lambeth poster from Class War with the message 'We demolish beautiful council estates to make way for ugly homes for the rich - Lambeth'

 Councils like Lambeth are controlled by 'New Labour' and have lost touch with the people - and have lost any concern for their welfare

 Although there were some signs of a changing Labour housing policy at this years party conference, this has

 had no effect on councils like Lambeth - who belong to 'Progress', a right-wing movement that has infiltrated Labour

 making them 'Home Snatchers, Even Worse Than Maggie Thatcher'.

 It was noise rather than music that the protesters were making

 as well as some rousing speeches

 'No to Evictions - More Homes'


 A few choice words from Class War


 Anrew Cooper speaks



 Ann Plant's partner speaks about her fight, leading her fellow residents to 'Stand Up to Lambeth'



 A Green Party member holds a 'Stand Up To Lambeth COuncil' placard


 Stickers appeared as if by magic on the Town Hall sign. Lambeth Council says it can't afford the £10m to refurbish
 Cressingham Gardens, while spending £160m or more on its town hall project - now many times over the original
budget. The old Lambeth Town Hall in the centre of Brixton will probably end up as luxury flats for millionaires.


 A Library campaigner speaks. The council has closed several libraries and is giving money to a company who are turning one into a gym

 One of Ann Plants neighbours speaks about her and the fight against Lambeth council. She tells people that she

 had always voted Labour, but never again as they are betraying the people. Vote #anyonebutLabour she urges


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