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march 2003

i started to photograph the end of manufacturing industry in this country in the 1980s, showing factories empty and closed and for sale notices.

since then i've recorded the new developments on these sites, mainly housing and warehouseing as at Ford's Langley site.

there are also new offices and industrial estates developing in areas near Heathrow, often in what was prime farmland, following the despoilation for gravel.
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weybridge was more of a nice cycle ride and some healthy but not too strenous exercise. i'm still having to take things very easy.
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my doctor has signed me off as fit to work, so on saturday i gave it a try, carrying a camera bag for the first time since i came out of hospital. i decided to cut down the weight, with only two cameras and five lenses.

The march from the Chinese Embassy to Whitehall has become an annual and largely predictable event, but it is colourful. Of course the issues remain, although some of the approaches towards China are more conciliatory.
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There were a number of protests against shops in the West End both by animal rights protestors and also 'No Sweat', calling for better conditions for the workers who make clothes, trainers and other fashion accessories in lousy conditions for a few cents an hour. Unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph much of this.

8 March was also the day of the Global Womens Strike, an event to mark International Womens Day. This year there was a march from Parliament Sq to the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square to protest against the planned war on Iraq. I photographed some of the audience and speakers at the rally at the end of the march.

This was an event organised by women and it had a different feel to most protests, a warmth and inclusiveness, an acceptance, which certainly didn't stop some rather forceful expression of views. the cake was also very welcome.
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we celebrated st patricks day a day early in london, with a march from hyde park to nowhere very much and some events on the south bank. it didn't quite have the interest of last year's first official celebration, when the crowds around westminster cathedral and in trafalgar square added interest.
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paddington basin and the area around the harrow road continue to be redeveloped, and i went to take more pictures, ending up in the city.
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march 22 saw another huge anti-war demonstration in london, with several hundred thousand marchers, from embankment to hyde park.

although some people have moved to support the war now we are actually involved, there remains a very strong feeling that this is the wrong war at the wrong time.
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the colne valley is on the western edge of london, around the M25 and the M4, so not surprisingly tends to get filled up with scrap cars. however that isn't all there is to it
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saturday 29 saw anti-war protests around the country. protestors from camden and islington marched to broadcasting house - now a museum, with the BBC radio now only an offshoot of television at wood green - to protest against the one-sided coverage of the war on radio and tv.
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the 'Kyoto march' organised by the Campaign against Climate Change took place the same day. Marchers had started at the UK Esso HQ in Leatherhead and wer marching to a party outside the US Embassy. I joined them at the Imperial War Museum to take photographs.

The march marked the the second anniversary of Bush's decisive rejection of the Kyoto climate treaty. Esso (ExxonMobil) is a key partner in Bush's energy policy and opposition to controls on energy use. The per capita energy use of US citizens is dramatically higher than that of other advanced countries, with no incentives for its reduction and a policy of low tax on fuel that makes the US by far the worst polluter of the planet.
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Former Ford works site, Langley     more pictures

River Wey, Weybridge  more pictures

Free Tibet Campaign March, 8 March 2003     more pictures

Protestor against cruelty to animals, Regent St.

International Womens Day/Global Women's Strike: Protest against war, Grosvenor Sq, London.      more pictures

Anti-war marchers, London 22 March      more pictures

Colne valley more to follow

protestors opposite broadcasting house, London ask for an end to war and for fairer coverage by the BBC     more pictures

Campaign Against Climate Change protest against US rejection of Kyoto climate treaty      more pictures



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