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August 2018

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Thousands March for Animal Rights

London. Sat 25 Aug 2018

 Vegans met in Victoria Tower Gardens next to the Houses of Parliament


 Auguste Rodin's The Burghers of Calais' represents the idea of freedom from oppression.

 'If you can survive without causing suffering why wouldn't you? Go Vegan'

 Some captions on posters were rather lengthy

 Scary Dairy - a woman with a cow

 'Be HumanKind - Don't Take Bites out of Animal Rights'

 'Respect Life - Go Vegan'

 Mothers Against Dairy


 Vegan children


 'Love for Humans Animals Nature'

 'Liberation for all no matter how small - Go Vegan'





 'Defend Direct Action'


 'Against All Animal Oppression'

 'All Animal Use Is Animal Abuse'


 'This Is The Rest Of Your Fur Trim'









 'Not Your Mum Not Your Milk'


 'All Animals Hace Rights'


 Flares are set off as the march begins


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