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Free Bobi Wine - Ugandans protest

Westminster, London. Thu 23rd Aug 2018

 The protest starts in front of Uganda House in Trafalgar Square

 'Free Bobi WIne - 'People Power Our Power''

 Protesters had been asked to wear red


 and most did


 '#PeoplePower #OurPower #FreeBobiWIne'

 Bobi Wine is the stage name of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, a Ugandan musician, businessman, entrepreneur

  philanthropist and actor who became an Ugandan MP in July 2017, having previously worked on various projects

 to give the people of Uganda power in their communities to make their lives better

 He was arrested while campaigning for another candidate in a by-election and charged with possessing arms

 When he was released as that charge was dropped he was immediately re-arrested and is now charged with treason.

 He had been badly beaten while under the first arrest and was barely able to walk when he came to court.

 'Museveni is a killer - Stop Killing Our People'



 'Stop Dectetorship & Torture'

 Placards show Bobi Wine in red jacket and hat making a raised fist 'People Power' salute



 'Torture Never Works - People Power'




The protesters set off to march down Whitehall

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