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August 2018

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Free Lula - Brazilians for Democracy & Justice

Brazilian Embassy, London. Mon 13 Aug 2018

 Brazilians in London came to protest outside the embassy

 calling for former President Lula to be released. They say he is a political prisoner and the charges against him

 were fabricated by those now in power to prevent him from standing again as president. They have also

 impeached Dilma Rousseff for what was not an impeachable offence.

 People held up masks of Lula's face at the protest and waved Brazilian flags




 A Scots supporter arrives with posters






 Lula, despite being in jail has announced he will run for President

 though his candidature is likely to be ruled out because he is in jail.






 People shout for Lula to be freed

 and hand out leaflets to passers by


 'Brasil Urgente Lula Presidente'





 And there was music and dancing


 Then came a number of speeches from supporters

 A woman introduces the speakers


 A man brings solidarity from the TUC

 A protester holds up his arm with a picture of Dilma on it

 Belgica Guania, the first Ecuadorian councillor in the UK speaks in support


As I have to leave another British trade unionist speaks in support

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