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August 2018

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Against attack on Bahrain Embassy hunger striker

Bahrain Embassy, Belgrave Sq, London. Mon 13 Aug 2018

 Inminds human rights group protest outside the Bahrain embassy in Belgrave Square after a bucket of an unidentified liquid was thrown from the
 embassy balcony over the sleeping hunger stiiker Ali Mushaima (left) who has been on the pavement outside since August 1st.

 Ali Mushaima is protesting as the health of his 70 year old father, Hassan Mushaima, held and tortured in jail in

 Bahrain, is deteriorating, Hassan Mushaima was one of the leaders of the peaceful opposition to the regime who in March 2017 were
abducted, brutally tortured and given life sentences in mock trials for calling for democracy in Bahrain.

 Police were called after the attack on Ali Mushaima, but failed to make any real investigation into the attack,

 which is thought to have been carried out by an Embassy employee who does not have diplomatic status.




 After the protest had been continuing for some time, police came to harass the protesters, telling them they could

 not protest on the pavement in front of the embassy. The protesters maintained they had the right to protest and

 had done so without problems from the police the previous Friday.

  But the police, CW3887 and a woman officer, Sergeant Thomas, were not prepared to listen to any rational discussion

 but lacked the numbers to physically deal with the protesters, who were close to the end of their protest and

 decided to ignore the police orders and continue with the playlet they were about to perform.


 The protest was watched by a security man from inside the embassy, though he would have been unable to see the play.

 The cast included Theresa May, with the Butcher of Bahrain Hamad Khalifa and Little Stooge Fawaz Khalifa


 The Butcher hands Theresa £83m for British Arms to Kill Bahrainis

 and she then trains him to use them  to shoot his people . Those who survive the shooting are then chained up and put in prison where they are 

 tortured. At first the methods are rather primitive with fingernails and pliers

 but then Theresa demonstrates some more sophisticated methods using electric shocks (and more UK equipment)

 But the play had a happy ending - though it seems unlikely to do so in real life - when the International Criminal

Court arrived and the members of the criminal regime were brought to justice.

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