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August 2018

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Justice For Marikana - 6th Anniversary Protest

City of London, London. Mon 13 Aug 2018

 Protesters met up outside St Paul's Cathedral

 It took a long time for everyone to arrive as there had been some confusion about the meeting place

 The Cathedral authorities told the protesters they were not allowed to hold protests there but they had replied

 that they were simply meeting up to protest elsewhere. They handed out leaflets about their protest while

 they waited for people to arrive

 and then left to march to the offices of several investors, insurers and shareholders profiting from the violence

 against people and nature in Marikana. A poster states that the City of London profits from Blood Money

 and the main banner calls for justice for Marikana





 The first stop was outside Majedie who are a major investor. A police van followed the protesters.

 One of Lonmin's directors at the time of the massacre was Cyril Ramaphosa, now President of South Africa,

 who called the strike a ‘dastardly criminal act’ and had encouraged the police violence by stating the strike

 required ‘concomitant action'.


 People carried large photographs of some of those who were killed by the police shooting

 and posters called for reparations to their dependents and those survivors who were injured and arrested


 Lonmin, a company that was foundeby the imperialist and white supremacist Cecil Rhodes was formerly a part

 of the notorious Lonrho, but now wants to run from its commitments by selling the mine


 The protesters marched on

 followed by police, who did at one point stop traffic to help them to cross one of the busy roads,


 to stop outside Schroders, another investor in Lonmin

 As well as shooting 34 miners, the police arrested others and they are still in jail. The police who carried out the

 massacre have not been arrested.




 From Schroders the protesters crossed the road to protest outside Investec, another company that profits from Marikana


 and there were more details about their involvement


 Legal & General insurers are another company that profits from the exploitation by Lonmin

 and the tour protested ouside there



 The tour ended outside the offices of BASF in the Heron Tower. They are the main customer for the platinum

 mined at Marikana.


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