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August 2018

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Solidarity with Bookmarks

Holborn, London. Sat 11 Aug 2018


 Inside Bookmarks. Nazi thugs from 'Make Britain Great Again' invaded the shop in central London,

  shouting racist slogans and wrecking book displays.last Saturday


 People were gathering outside for an event to show solidarity and support freedom of speech




 and some brought banners




 Weyman Bennett of Stand Up To Racism


 East End Historian David Rosenberg with his partner

 'We support Jeremy and Believe in him'

 NUJ banner





 Bookmarks Shop Manager Dave Gilchrist tells the crowd there are too many to fit in the shop, so they have

 booked the basement of Bloomsbury Baptist Church for the event

 and he leads people there


 The basement soon gets full, with many having to stand

 Bookmarks Shop Manager Dave Gilchrist

 Louise Raw talks about the radical history of the East End


 and says we all have to stand up to the fascists on the streets



The meeting continued for another hour or two but I had to leave

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