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August 2018

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Ministry of Justice cleaners protest

Ministry of Justice, London, UK. Thu 9 Aug 2018


 The UVW cleaners at the Ministry of Justice are also striking for a living wage and Class War came to support them

 The banner says 'On Strike For A Living Wage' - and the cleaners have been on strike for 3 days

 Members of the IWGB came to give their support


 There were a few drops of rain as the protest started

 but it soon began to rain more heavily


 and it was soon really pouring


 A poster written by a cleaner 'Amey Is Responsible For My Backpain - I Am Waiting To Have An Operation - London Living Wage Now'

 Petros Elia speaks

 A cleaner speaks

 People leaving work walk through the protest



 and are asked if they will contribute to the strike fund




 Leaflets tell workers coming out from the Ministry of Justice why their cleaners are striking

 Another cleaner speaks




 People are getting really wet and Petros tries to lead the protest inside the Ministry of Justice, but he is stopped

 by security staff - and he videos them on his phone


 Others try to go inside but are stopped




 The speeches continue in the torrential rain


 Susana holds an umbrella over me as I take pictures

 Austin Hearney of the PCS gives support from his members


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