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August 2018

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Hiroshima Day

Tavistock Square, London. Sun 6 Aug 2018

 Raised Voices peace choir sings


 Cllr Maryam Eslamdoust, Camden Deputy Mayor

 Nobuhiko Ono, Japan Against Nuclear & CND

 with Godzilla, the monster from the 1954 Japanese movie about coping with nuclear tragedies, on his shoulder

 A creative dance performance about Hiroshima



 Rebecca Johnson founder of the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy and founding co-chair of ICAN,

  2017 Nobel Peace Prize laureate holds up a copy of the UN Treaty On The Prohibition Of Nuclear Weapons

 Rev Gyoro Nagase, Buddhist monk, from the Battersea Peace Pagoda, drums a prayer


 A statement from today's commemoration in Hiroshima is read (in English)

 Bruce Kent speaks


 People lay flowers at the Hiroshima cherry tree, planted in 1967 by the then Mayor of Camden, Millie Miller

 Millie Miller's son lays the wreath for the current mayor of Camden


 An activist from Scotland urges people to come and join their protests there

 People pose for pictures with the flowers that have been laid

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