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August 2018

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Central Manchester - Friday

Fri 3 Aug 2018

 Manchester Civil Justice Centre



  This former hydraulic pumping station is now a part of the People's Museum

 Armani Shop and John Rylands Library, Deansgate
 Elliot HOuse, Deansgate    Right: The Old Nags Head, Lloyd St

 Albert Square/Southmill St corner

 Albert Memorial
 with the tower of Manchester Town Hall - Waterhouse's gothic


 The northwest corner of Albert Square


 Bas relief on plinth of statue of James Fraser, Albert Square
 Liverpool London and Globe Insurance and Northern Assurance Buildings at the north of Alber Square

 Manchester Town Hall

 with an image of a man at his work bench

 The Watergate, a Wetherspoons pub named for the architect of the town hall opposite

 Princess St

 Manchester Art Galley

 The Athaneum

 Princess St / George St corner

 Art Gallery from Mosley St

 The Portico Library - now a bar

 Fountain St / Spring Gardens

 Booth St

 Another view of the Masonic building in Cooper St


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