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August 2018

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St Johns Quarter

Fri 3 Aug 2018

 River Street



 Railway Bonded Warehouse


 Granada entrance




 Manchester and Salford Junction Canal entrance lock from the River Irwell




 Buddleia and other plants are taking over the site

 and the beams are rotting






 The bascule bridge was added when the site was restored in the 1980s. The canal was first blocked in 1875

 though much of its underground tunnel remains. It was built to provide a cheap and convenient link from the

 Irwell and the Manchester Bolton and Bury canal to the Rochdale canal, and ended at the Bridgewater Basin

 which is still there on a short arm from the Rochdale canal

 My weight was enough to take the bridge more or less to the ground at the other side, but it might go up too far
 if I stepped off to get back on it again.


 The Irwell, looking downstream


 and the view upstream




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