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August 2018

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Mersey Walk, Fletcher Moss

Stenner Lane, Fletcher Moss & Parsonage Gardens. Fri 3 Aug 2018

 Stenner Lane

 River Mersey




 Flood relief outlet, near Moorgate Lane

 Fletcher Moss Gardens. I was surprised to find Fletcher Moss was a man. His family lived in the Old Parsonage

 from 1865 and he gave the house and Fletcher Moss Park to Manchester Council in 1915, on condition he could

 remain living there until his death - which was in 1919.



 The Eagle Gateway to Parsonage Gardens was rescued by Fletcher Moss when his Spread Eagle Hotel in Corporation Street in 1902 was demolished

 The Old Parsonage dates from around 1650. The council gave up using it as an art gallery in 2011 and boarded it up

 but it was rescued by the Didsbury Civic Society and is now leased from the council and run by the

 Didsbury Parsonage Trust and used for regular exhibitions by local artists and hired for other events.



 Fletcher Moss and his mother created the gardens which are now looked after by volunteers



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