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August 2018

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Manchester: City Centre - Thursday

New Islington, Whitworth St, Castlefield. Thu 2 Aug 2018

 New Islington from the window of our hotel room


 Towards central Manchester from the window at the end of the hotel corridor

 And one of the buildings visible in that view above from street leve - Chapeltown Street

 Piccadilly Village, built in 1980, ten years after we left Manchester, from Chapeltown St




 One of many Bees around the city

 this commemorates Alan Turing and is next to his memorial in Sackville park, Fairfield St,
 He committed suicide in 1954 with an apple containing cyanide after being hounded for being gay.  His work in Cambridge and later from 1948 to

his death working at Manchester University made him recognised as the father of modern computing and artificial intelligence


 Office building on Whitworth St - now a hotel

Medlock Mill was built in 1801 as a cotton warehouse.. From 1982-2011 it housed  Percy Brothers - The Hotspur Press

 City Road Inn, Albion St, and new buildings

 Manchester's tallest building, Beetham Tower

 Spanish Cultural Centre, Deansgate


 Liverpool St - former railway warehouses


The Great Northern Warehouse connected the railway, roads and the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal which ran underneath

 Peter St - now a hotel

 St Georges House, Peter St

 Lily's Bar, Booth St

 1868 building on the corner of Chancery Lane - and a Lutyens building on King St

King St

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