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August 2018

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Hornsea, Flambororough & Beverley

30 Jul-1 Aug 2018

 The North Sea

 Hornsea beach - and the line of cliffs leading to Flamborough just visible on the horizon

 I think this is the largest windfarm in the North Sea. Near the left you can just make out an oil rig, 15 miles out to sea

 Station House. Beeching condemned the railway.
 There was an ancient village, Southorpe, on these small rises to the south of Hornsey Mere


 Hornsea church across Hornsea Mere

 There had been a scarecrow competition for the carnival a few days before we were there  









 I couldn't go much closer without wading

 The small lump sticking out in the centre of the picture is the head of a seal - but I couldn't get closer to take pictures

 The cliffs had many birds nesting in them

 Another seal I couldn't get close enough to photograph



 The start of the Trans Pennine Trail


 We stayed at the blue house in the middle of the picture

Our view out of the window at night  



 Beverley - and the White Horse on the street at the right is for the pub


 Beverley Minster

 Beverley Beck


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