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February 2018

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Fix the NHS Crisis Now

Gower St to Downing St, London. Sat 3 Feb 2018


 THe march is ready to start - the main banner

 'A campaigner for Charing Cross Hospital

 Health Campaigns Together banner on the march





 Royal College of Nursing members on the march

 'Can she fix it ?????' Theresa May Fund Our NHS

 'Save our NHS from Tory Privateers...'

 Anti-fascists set off a smoke flare


 and another protester picks one up


 A woman snatches the Anti-fascist banner away but doesn't seem to have an answer when they ask her why

 and they take it back



 'Hunt's Lies cost Lives'

 Unite banner

 Movement for Justice banner

 Pictures of Branson as a vampire and the message 'Not His to Seize'.

 'No Space For Profit in Healthcare'

 The Horton General Hospital banner - 'Hands off our Horton'


 'Another sheep CCG Flock Off'

 'LieFace!' ' Hungry Hungry Hypocrites'

 Theresa May 'Winter is Here - Shame! Shame! Shame!'

 The march just kept on coming

 Docs Not Cops say 'No Borders in the NHS'

 'Lesbians & Gays Support the Migrants'

 Nye Bevan and the famous quote he never said
A Theresa May placard 'I'll make deep cuts to your NHS, I'll Bleed Your NHS, I'll rip the heart out of your NHS, Then I'll Stich you up'

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